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Our company uses dedicated NPTC tree surgeons. It allows our company to offer a full range of
tree care and woodland management services for domestic property owners, country estate
managers, forestry organisations and local authorities.
Our basic tree care services are carefully utilised to promote the natural growth of foliage, the
control of limbs and the distribution of sunlight to help keep trees in a healthy and natural
condition. Crown thinning and crown reduction on larger specimens are an everyday part of our
operations but we also undertake pruning and pollarding work that helps to keep certain trees
smaller whilst maintain a healthy crown density.
While we always try to preserve the lives of healthy trees, we understand that some specimens
need to be felled if they pose a threat to property or people. We use traditional felling or
sectional dismantling to bring trees down to ground level safely. We also have our own tracked
Access Platform that can be used to get to any difficult trees.

Felling usually leaves an unsightly stump that can also present a tripping hazard for those
walking around your property. Andy’s Gardening Services include stump grinding as part of our
exclusive range of tree care services.

We believe in building a lasting and sustainable tomorrow for our future generations. All wood
remnants removed from site projects are used to create logs and woodchip. Nothing ever goes to
waste and by adopting a conscientious approach to sustainability, our company plays a vital role
in preserving the life of healthy trees that might otherwise be felled to create fuel sources.

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