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Products we sell


We have a huge stock pile of well seasoned firewood logs for you to purchase. We have both mixed and hardwood logs that we can supply you with, either loose or in bulk bags.

Please get in touch for the latest prices and delivery options



This is soil that we have screened ourselves. We have a couple of different types that we can supply. Some that is useful for leveling garden areas or for topping up new flower beds and some that is good for fine levelling and seeding on to.

We can supply this in various quantities, by either bulk bags or loose, please don’t hesitate to contact us for the latest prices.



Our woodchip is all recycled from the trees that we have cut down and chipped up. We have the woodchip at different stages of decomposition, so you can chose either fresher or more rotted down. This is good for smartening flowerbeds or creating pathways through wooded areas etc.

Please get in touch for all the latest price options depending on your requirements.

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